OGASAKA Snowboards was founded in 1987 in Nagano City, Japan.
Around the year of 1985, snowboards are just the fun tool for off-piste, therefore there is no steel edge but a fin on the base of snowboard.
Ski maker, OGASAKA took its advantage of the ski factory’s know-how to mount steel edges on the flattened base of snowboard.
Sooner, OGASAKA snowboards made carving turn and alpine race popular in public, and expanded the market share mutually.
With the popularity of TECHNICAL CHAMPIONSHIP which started in 1993,
OGASAKA Snowboards gained so many carvers and became a regular favorite. And, that is still continuing.
In, 2011 OGASAKA Snowboards started to develop the powder-boards called FT series when many snowboarders stated to enjoy off-piste.
OGASAKA Snowboards also released the split-board with the push of many mountaineering enthusiasts.
With it’s proved performance and highly elaborate construction,
OGASAKA split-boards have been rated astonishing among fans in spite of just 2 years release.
OGASAKA Snowboards will continue to produce high quality and high performance snowboards for the best of variable needs of snowboarders.

1985-86 Started round-sole Snowboard
1986-87 Hosting Morio Aizawa as a tester,
Modified round-sole snowboard to flat-sole snowboard
1987-88 Released flat-sale snowboard with steel edge.
1988-89 Released freestyle snowboard(170cm)
Released GS type(190cm) and SL type(170cm) as Alpine lineup
1989-90 Modified the mold of Alpine snowboard into standard length
Changed whole design
Takeshi Koide won 8th JSBA national championship
1990-91 Model change
1991-92 Setting full-time staff, started the sales in Japan
1992-93 Changed design and arranged flex
1993-94 Started fixing insert nut
Released Narrow alpine-board LS with its waist 14cm
Released alpine-board AX for free-ride
1994-95 Released Alpine-board MX for on-piste cruising
1995-96 Changed the waist of Narrow-board LS into 16cm
Started custom-stance order
1996-97 Released world-first metal sandwich snowboard
Released MX-Limited: Morio Aizawa signature model
1997-98 Released wide type alpine-board AW (waist 19cm)
Released freestyle carving model FC
Nagano Olympic was held
1998-99 Restored glass sandwich construction in the point that metal sandwich construction is too much at the time
1999-00 Released free ride alpine-board MZ
2000-01 Released asymmetrical alpine-board AM
Added 184cm race-board, got sensational review
Released snowboard cross board BX
The number of JSBA Member reached its peak, and getting slimmer from this point
2001-02 Adopted asymmetrical side-cut on MX-L
Released asymmetrical side-curve freestyle-board FA-A
Released alpine-board HX for swich-ride and jumping
2002-03 Relieased all-round freestyle-board SS
2003-04 Released Long-cruize alpine-board LV
Released kid’s model RC-J
2004-05 Released soft-flex alpine-board NB
Released soft-flex freestyle-board CT
2005-06 Restored asymmetrical alpine-board MX-L to symmetrical
2006-07 Added Kid’s model KD(115cm, 125cm) to freestyle lineup
2007-08 Made metal-sandwich alpine-board returned after interval of 12 years
2008-09 Released world-first Urushi paint board on deck
2009-10 Released metal-sandwich alpine-board EV
Released twintip freestyle-board FS
2010-11 Modified EV to hammer-head type shape
Released metal-sandwich freestyle-board FC-X
Released freestyle twintip-board TT
2011-12 Modified freestyle FC to semi-hammmer head shape, carving performance was extremely improved
Added FT/SR173 to powder-board lineup
2012-13 Modified alpine-board ARMOR to hammer-head shape
Added metal-sandwich construction model Type-R to ARMOR lineup
2013-14 Change the mold of freestyle- directional model CT, gained market share because of its performance
Modified twintip-model TT and re-named ASTERIA
Added FT/ST164 to powder-board lineup
Added FT/ST152 to powder-board lineup
Added FT/ST148 to powder-board lineup
2014-15 Released herd-flex freestyle-board CT-S
Added FR/FL160 to powder-board lineup
Released pro-model PRO to alpine lineup
2015-16 Released fat-board ORCA with 58mm waist
Added FT/SR159 to powder-board lineup
Added FT/ST147 to powder-board lineup
Added Kid’s model RC-KD to alpine-board lineup
2016-17 Added wide type freestyle board FCW to semi-hammmer FC lineup
Modified chamber of directional freestyle board CTM to free chamber with less pressure on top and tail
Modified chamber of twintip frestyle board AST to free chamber with less pressure on top and tail
Released surf-style board SURFLINE
2017-18 Released hammer-head type FC-S to freestyle carving lineup
Added FT157 to powder lineup
Added FT156.5 to powder lineup
Released split-board FT/SP 159
2018-19 Released hard-flex type of directional freestyle CT-IZ in CT series
Added 152cm and 164cm to FT/SP and renamed FT/Facet